welcome to the department of geology

geology is the study of the planet earth and the processes that shape it through time. geologists work and study in the lab and in the field - the natural world is their classroom. exciting and relevant areas of research and study in the field of geology include, but are not limited to:

  • plate tectonics
  • global climate change remote sensing
  • geographic information systems
  • energy resources
  • mineralogy and petrology
  • paleobiology
  • geochemistry
  • glacial geology and geomorphology
  • hydrogeology

we invite you to explore our academic programs, faculty and student research and other opportunities to learn more about the study of geology at the university of dayton.

in the news
faculty 07.22.19
geological society fellow

daniel goldman’s to-do list for the next 10 to 12 months should make many university of dayton faculty and staff feel a little less overwhelmed by their own duties.

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sustainability 07.08.19
dayton groundwater sustainability

the dayton region is expected to see increased precipitation in the coming decades, based on climate model projections, which is likely to help recharge the aquifer that is the principal source of water for about 2.3 million people in southwest ohio, according to a new paper published by two university of dayton department of geology researchers.

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faculty 04.15.19
mann chair in the sciences

the university of dayton has appointed umesh haritashya as the brother leonard a. mann, s.m., chair in the sciences. haritashya is an associate professor of geology. he joined the university faculty in 2008.

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research 02.25.19
predicting glacier reduction

university of dayton climatologist shuang-ye wu is collaborating with colleagues at china’s nanjing university to study the impact of climate change on tibetan glaciers with a $552,620 grant from the national natural science foundation of china.

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