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Research August 30, 2019
Chemistry Research Encounter

Keegan Gupta got a head start on his fellow first-year University of Dayton students by spending several days on campus in late July as part of a chemistry research team.

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Technology August 29, 2019
It’s not IF but WHEN: Three Challenges to Handcuffing Cybercrime

Given the daily drumbeat of news regarding online data breaches, some may wonder why cybercriminals are not often found and arrested.  It would seem that, when enough people and organizations are victimized, and enough money is stolen, that this would certainly be a focus for law enforcement.

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Engineering August 28, 2019
The Newest "Knight" in Optics

In recognition of his contributions to optics in the field of holography, Partha Banerjee, professor and chair of electro-optics and photonics, was inducted into the International Order of Holoknights — an elite group of holographers from around the world.

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Sustainability August 28, 2019
Students invited to Women in Energy Workshop
Area female high school and college students can learn about clean energy careers from women in the field, network and discover professional opportunities during a Women in Energy Workshop in September.
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August 28, 2019
Up and away
Advancing a number of technologies to help sustain the F-15 fleet
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Law August 28, 2019
School of Law appoints inaugural Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Professor Julie Zink has been named the University of Dayton School of Law’s first ever Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
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Libraries August 27, 2019
Top 5 Features of UD’s New York Times Subscription

Any member of the University of Dayton community can access The New York Times on any device, anywhere in the world. Go ahead, make those monthly article limitations disappear and bring down that pay wall!

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News August 27, 2019
Mary in the News: Aug. 27, 2019
Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also, see International Marian Research Institute as well as Marian Library news and updates.
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Engineering August 26, 2019
Cooperative Education: Apply Your Engineering Knowledge

Discover Cooperative Education at the University of Dayton School of Engineering where you’ll train in a chosen academic discipline, define career goals, acquire work experience, earn money for your education and ease transition from graduation to employment.

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Faith/Mission August 26, 2019
Forgotten Faith revived Online
Grow in Faith and community with UD's Online VLCFF.
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