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august 28, 2019
up and away
advancing a number of technologies to help sustain the f-15 fleet
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udri august 26, 2019
a new role at udri
associate director taylor renner will support leadership as udri continues to grow.
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udri august 02, 2019
beneath the surface
ultrasound and x-ray are just some of the ways we can look below the surface of a structure without damage.
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udri june 03, 2019
enabling hypersonic travel
udri will develop a subscale hypersonic flight-test vehicle.
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udri may 31, 2019
a hot topic
advancing power, energy and thermal management for aircraft
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udri may 15, 2019
new lab will have wings
researchers from the air force and udri will advance technology in a c130 at udri headquarters.
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udri april 09, 2019
getting a head start on stem careers
sponsored research provides invaluable training
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udri january 02, 2019
new award to support advanced structures for aerospace

$44 million award to university of dayton research institute to support research in advanced structures technologies for air force

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udri december 20, 2018
we’re number 1!
the university of dayton performs more sponsored materials research than any other college in the country.
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udri november 30, 2018
southern expansion
our new technology and training center in georgia is ramping up advanced technologies for air force systems sustainment.
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