complete digital access (cda)

complete digital access (cda)


welcome to complete digital access!
we are excited to offer courses which have chosen to offer complete digital access titles. these required course materials will be available the first day of class through isidore (, and the student account will be charged for them after september 12th, for this class. it’s that easy, there is nothing else to do but go to class.

how do i access my materials?
all complete digital access materials are accessed through the course profile in isidore ( the course instructor will provide specific directions or communication, if needed. if you’re having trouble or unable to get clarification from the instructor, contact and reference complete digital access course.

what are the benefits of complete digital access?
all complete digital access is a collaboration between professors, the publisher and the ud bookstore to provide required materials automatically when you enroll in the course, all at a reduced cost.

what if i drop the course?
as long as the course is dropped by september 12th, there will not be a charge for the cost of the complete digital access content.

how do i pay for my complete digital access materials?
course materials may be used free of charge beginning the first day of class through the last day to drop a full term course without record. as long as the student remains opted in to the program (see below for detailed instructions about opting out), the student will be able to fully access the content you need until this point with no charge. on last day to drop a full term course, the ud bookstore will automatically apply textbook scholarship funds to cover the price of complete digital access. if there is not not have enough remaining funds on the textbook scholarship or if the student has not been awarded the scholarship, we will charge the excess to the student's university student account. any students who opt out of the program or drop the class on or prior to september 12th will not be charged for the materials, regardless of their use of the materials.

what if i don't want to participate in complete digital access program or have already purchased my course material another way?
the ud bookstore has worked with publishers to get students their course materials at the lowest possible price. these materials are required by the instructor. if the student decides that her or she does not want to participate, the student will need to opt out of the program and be sure that he or she is legally obtaining the material on their own. upon opting out, the student will receive an email confirming the opt out, and will not be charged after september 12th. should you choose to opt out of complete digital access, please note, faculty are not responsible for providing alternative materials or waiving course/class requirements.

how to opt out:
to opt out, click on the personalized link in an email to the student regarding course materials. through this page, the student may choose to opt out or opt back in to each course. all of your courses will have the student listed as “opt in” unless otherwise specified and changed to mark as “opt out”. if the student has chosen to opt out and wishes to opt back in, it must be done by september 12th, 2018.

what courses are utilizing complete digital access (cda) this fall?

click here to view the cda courses list
cda courses
acc 208-01
acc 208-02
acc 208-03
acc 208-04
acc 208-05
acc 303-01
acc 303-02
acc 341-01
acc 401-01
acc 401-02
bio 151-01
bio 151-02
bio 151-03
bio 151-04
bio 151-05
bio 151-06
bio 151-07
bio 151-08
bio 151-09
bio 151-10
bio 151-11
bio 151-12
bio 152-01
bio 152-02
bio 403-01
bio 403-02
bio 411-01
bio 411-02
cee 316-01
cee 411-01
cee 412-01
chm 123-01
chm 123-02
chm 123-03
chm 123-04
chm 123-05
chm 123-06
chm 123-07
chm 123-08
chm 123-09
chm 123-10
chm 123-11
chm 123-p4
chm 123-p6
chm 124-01
chm 124-02
chm 303-01
cme 203-01
cme 203-02
cme 203-03
ece 444-01
ece 501-01
enm 582-01
fin 301-03
fin 301-04
fin 360-03
fin 401-01
fin 401-02
hss 201-01
hss 201-02
hss 201-03
hss 201-04
hss 307-01
inb 450-01
mct 220-01
mfg 204-01
mgt 301-02
mgt 301-n3
mgt 350-01
mgt 350-h1
mgt 403-01
mgt 423-01
mgt 490-05
mgt 490-07
mgt 490-08
mis 325-01
mkt 301-01
mkt 301-02
mkt 301-03
mkt 301-04
mkt 310-03
mkt 310-04
phy 201-02
phy 201-03
phy 201-05
phy 201-06
phy 201-07
phy 201-08
phy 201-10
phy 201-11
phy 201-h1
phy 201-h2
phy 206-01
phy 206-02
phy 206-03
phy 206-04
phy 206-05
phy 206-06
phy 206-07
phy 206-08
phy 206-10
phy 206-11
phy 206-p1
phy 206-p3
psy 101-03
psy 101-04
psy 101-a1
psy 101-a2
sci 190-02
sci 190-04
sci 190-06
sci 190-07

complete digital access faq

click here to view the cda faqwhat is cda?
• cda is a new textbook collaboration between faculty, major publishers, and our campus to provide required course materials in a digital format at reduced cost.
• cda saves you money! these materials cost 50-80% less than their printed versions.
• there is a growing number of courses participating! to see the full list, visit
university of dayton bookstore.
how do i enroll in a cda program?
• when enrolled in a course using cda, you are automatically enrolled in the program.
• you will have access to all of your materials on the first day of classes through your isidore portal (
• keep an eye out for your welcome email to the cda program. your link will show you your cda course information, including classes, materials and prices for each.
• please be sure to check your university of dayton email address for all correspondence regarding cda & opt-out deadline reminders.
how do i pay for cda materials?
• you will be charged for your materials after the opt-out deadline. payment will be taken via available textbook scholarship or by charge to the student account if there is no remaining textbook scholarship balance.
i don’t want to participate in cda. what should i do?
• if you do not wish to participate in the program, you must “opt-out” at the beginning of every semester through an individualized email link. remember that you will not receive the digital content after you opt-out, and you will need to source your own course materials.


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