middle childhood education/intervention specialist (bse)

preparing teachers for grades 4-9

as a student in the middle childhood education/intervention specialist program at the university of dayton, you'll prepare to teach grades 4-9 (ages 9-14). you'll specialize in two areas of concentration (mathematics, reading/language arts, science, social studies).

program requirements

  • take coursework toward an intervention specialist license simultaneously with your bachelor's degree coursework.
  • have two concentrations of 24 or more semester hours in the following content areas: mathematics, reading/language arts, science, social studies.
  • meet all academic and competency requirements in order to do your student teaching and be recommended for licensure.
  • complete all of your teaching concentration courses before doing student teaching.
  • all field and clinical experiences must be completed successfully.

department of teacher education

fitz hall
300 college park
dayton, ohio 45469 - 2966