pre-physical therapy (bse)

professor teaching a classthe pre-physical therapy program at the university of dayton is the start of your path towards a career in healing and rehabilitation. the courses you'll take fulfill prerequisites for most doctor of physical therapy programs, as well as other health science graduate programs, such as occupational therapy. you'll pair classroom learning with hands-on experiences to develop into a competitive applicant for graduate-level programs of study.

some students elect to start working right away in a rehabilitative field rather than pursue graduate study.

did you know? the university of dayton offers a doctor of physical therapy program >>

program outcomes

to meet the needs of this fast-growing and broad profession, the pre-physical therapy program is interdisciplinary and includes courses in exercise science, premedicine and biology.

as a pre-physical therapy major, you'll receive extensive hands-on training in physical therapy environments in the dayton area and beyond. observation hours allow you to see how physical therapy is used in various settings, including stroke rehabilitation, burn therapy units, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedics and children’s programs. under the supervision of licensed physical therapists and other health care professionals, you will gain useful insight into career opportunities.

because of the depth and breadth of the curriculum, our graduates also have preparation for careers in fitness management and sports rehabilitation.

among the best in the u.s.

  • our pre-pt program is among the best in the u.s. at preparing undergraduates for doctor of physical therapy programs. (source: american physical therapy association’s ptcas applicant data report
  • the national strength and conditioning association (nsca) recognizes the department of health & sport science's degree programs in pre-physical therapy and exercise science in the areas of strength and conditioning and personal training for successfully meeting — and continuing to meet — educational guidelines recommended by the nsca.
  • in 2016-17 and 2015-16, ud's acceptance rate for students who entered doctoral physical therapy programs was 83% (u.s. average is 50%).

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