The ETHOS Center

Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning

The ETHOS Center seeks to provide service-learning experiences through technical immersions, student activities, research and hands-on projects. Through these experiences, students have gained perspectives on how engineering and technology are influenced by varying conditions and levels of development in different parts of the world. Participating students serve others through practical engineering knowledge and skills for humanitarian purposes. Our students and alumni learn about the world, different cultures and themselves.

By the Numbers

Founded in 2001 by a team of engineering students, THe ETHOS Center was created to take engineering curriculum beyond the classroom, even beyond this country. If you are UD student, click here to access the ETHOS archive to view our previous posters and reports.

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Starting with just one locations, our program has expanded gradually and has sent students to a total of 20 different countries on 4 different continents.

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Over its lifetime, ETHOS can proudly claim alumni not only from all disciplines of engineering but also from all schools and colleges within the University of Dayton.

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Rooted in partnership, ETHOS works with in-country hosts that sponsor our projects, enable authentic cultural immersions and provide local perspectives to our solutions.

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Student Experiences
Read about recent student experiences from 2018 and see how their 10-week immersions have changed their perspective on engineering, the world and themselves.
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Learn about the opportunities ETHOS offers: 10-week international and domestic immersions, weekend and 10-day breakouts and the ETHOS Club.

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