Office of Student Success

Welcome to OSS!

Engineering professionals, who advise first-year students throughout the year and second-year students through the end of their first semester, staff the School of Engineering's Office of Student Success (OSS).

An information hub, OSS will help you to

  • locate academic information;
  • seek advising by appointment or walk-in;
  • receive referrals to campus resources, such as tutoring, career counseling, and research opportunities;
  • and, stay on track with your degree programs, while crafting a custom set of experiences (co-op, study abroad, ETHOS, etc.) to complement your academic coursework.

After the third semester, each undergraduate is assigned an academic adviser, a faculty member who provides academic assistance and individualized attention. The adviser's role is to help the student evalsuate and realize educational and career goals.

To Make an Advising Appointment

To make an advising appointment, click here to log into Student Success Network. If you do not know who your adviser is, please log into Student Success Network and click on the "My Success Network," and your primary adviser is listed there.

Enrichment Workshops

Our staff coordinates Enrichment Workshops offered in the fall (EGR150) and spring (EGR151) semesters, which are required by first-year students and are facilitated by upperclass engineering students. You'll work in small groups to build community and ensure that you master the concepts of calculus, physics and chemistry. Students not only learn to work collaboratively but also gain access to the wisdom of upperclass students.

University Experience

The OSS-led Introduction to the University Experience (EGR 102) course is offered in the fall semester for all incoming engineering and engineering technology students. The seminar is an Introduction to the University of Dayton as well as the School of Engineering. This includes an introduction to the engineering curriculum, as well as an exploration of career options in all engineering disciplines, which helps students to maximize their career and educational opportunities.


Office of Student Success

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