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Ford Foundation Fellow

The Ford Foundation awarded electro-optics doctoral student Joshua Burrow a fellowship — the first in the University of Dayton’s history — to support the final year of his dissertation writing and defense.
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2019 Stander Symposium

Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics Special Session
April 24,  Science Center 62,  1–3:30 p.m.
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dissertation DEFENSE

Saturday, April 20
9 a.m., Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Xiaowei Ge
Title: "Nonlinear Microscopy Based on Femtosecond Fiber Laser"

Wednesday, April 17
12 noon, Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Roseanna Lawandi
Title: "Fourier Filter Integration on In-House Fabricated P-N Photodetectors"

Tuesday, April 16
2 p.m., Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Jordan Adams
Title: "Thulium Mode-Locked Fiber Laser"

Wednesday, March 20
10 a.m., Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Josh Duran
Title: "Silicon-Based Infrared Photodetectors for Low-Cost Imaging Applications"


dissertation DEFENSE

Monday, May 14th
5:00 PM, Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Diane Beamer
Title: "Polarization Signature in Vector Space"

2018 Stander Symposium

Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics Special Session
April 18,  Fitz Hall Room 580E,  1:00 p.m. –3:10 p.m.
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EOP Open house

When - March 21st , 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.
Where - KL Lobby

Tech-fest 2018

When - February 17 and 18
Where - Dayton campus of Sinclair Community College

Proposal Writing Workshop

Proposal Writing Feb 15 & 16 2018 (Thurs & Fri) 
By Dr. Andrew Sarangan.  Read more

Electro-optics candidacy exam

Saturday, February 10th, 2018
From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


electro-optics holiday potluck

Where - Fitz Hall 568
When - Friday, Dec. 8th
Time - 4:30 PM

Light entrée and drinks provided
Please bring a family favorite entrée, side or dessert to serve at least 3 people.
Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff are invited to bring family and significant others.
There will be games and wonderful company!
Please no alcohol!

Direct Questions to Joshua Burrow:

Dr. Andy Chong is awarded with $300K NSF grant for laser project

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Andy Chong $302,700 to create the next generation of pulsed lasers for hospitals and clinics.

Watch the WDTN-TV clip here
See on the news release

Fall Hike 2017

Who: Everyone is invited to join Professor Haus on a hike
What: ~6 mile hike
When: Saturday, October 21 from 9:00-12:30pm
Where: Sugarcreek MetroPark
Why: Experience the beautiful outdoors and take a research and homework break

Twin Creek MetroPark 9688 Eby Road, Germantown, Ohio 45327
From Fitz Hall:
1. Make a left outside of Fitz Hall parking lot heading north on Brown St.
2. Turn left onto Stewart St,
3. Turn left onto S Edwin C Moses Blvd
4. Merge onto I-75S via the ramp on the left toward Cincinnati
5. Take the E Dixie Dr exit (EXIT 47) toward West Carrollton (approximately 3.91 miles)
6. Turn right onto E Central Ave.
7. Turn right onto N Miami Ave.
8. Continue straight on N Miami Ave then becomes Farmersvil W Carrollton Rd.
9. Continue straight on Farmersvil W Carrollton Rd then becomes Farmersville W Carrollton Rd
10. Turn left onto Dayton Germantown Pike (OH-4). Continue to follow OH-4 (If you are on Farersvill W Corrol Rd and reach Germantown Liberty Rd you’ve gone about 1.1 miles too far.)
11. Turn slight left on Eby Rd (Eby Rd is 0.3 miles past Carlisle Pike.)
12. In 3.0 miles you will have reached the destination (on left): 9688 Eby Rd., Germantown, OH 45327

SPIE/OSA Student Chapter Elections

Who: EO Graduate Students
What: Nominate/elect new leaders for the student chapter
When: Friday, Oct. 20 at 4:45*
Where: Fitz Hall, Room 580
Why: There will be cookies and punch

*Dr. Chong’s talk on Mode Lock Fiber Lasers starts at 3:30. Elections will begin promptly after his talk.

Academic Research Colloquium (ARC) 2017

Where: University of Dayton
When:  October 10-12, 2017

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Social 2017

New School Year Social Event 2017

2017 New School Year Kickoff!

Friday, August 25th
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM, Fitz Hall 580
Sponsors: SPIE Student Chapter, University of Dayton and The Optical Society

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Congratulations to spring 2017 Graduates

  • Mohammad Almanee (Ph.D.)
  • Chuan Ni (Ph.D.)
  • Ryan Feaver (Ph.D.)
  • Diego Garcia (Ph.D.)
  • Chenchen Wan (Ph.D.)
  • Mallik Hussain (M.S.)
  • Sun Shuo (M.S.)

Stander Symposium 2017 - Special Electro-Optics and Photonics Event

Wednesday April 5th
1 PM to 3 PM, Fitz Hall 580

The entire UD campus and community is invited to join us for this special symposium that will highlight a cross-section of graduate research activities by our students. Click here to see the flier.

Student speakers from EOP 

  • Mohammad Shah Alam: Efficient Harvesting of Solar Energy with Metasurfaces
  • Farzia Karim: Cost-effective 3D Nano-fabrication Technique through Optothermally Generated Bubbles
  • Mallik Mohd. Raihan Hussain: A novel second harmonic generation technique to measure the surface patchiness of sub-nanometer thickness insulator film on a metal
  • Diego F. Garcia Mina: Bi-tapered fiber sensor with aqueous solution
  • Mohammad S Almanee: Intense, Ultrashort Pulse, Vector Wave Propagation in Optical Fibers
  • Rudra Gnawali: Optical Propagation in Anisotropic Metamaterials
  • Ighor Ideghenre: 4 x 4 Matrix Method Simulations of Swinging Nematic Liquid Crystals
  • Pengfei Guo: Optical Characterization of Vanadium Dioxide Smart Materials under Phase Transition and its Thin Film Effects

Upcoming dissertation Defense

Monday, April 10th
2:00PM, Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Chenchen Wan
Title :
“Low noise frequency comb sources based on synchronously pumped doubly resonant optical parametric oscillators”

Friday April 7th
9:00 AM,  Science Center 064
Dissertation Defense: Diego Garcia Mina
Title :
“Bi-tapered fiber sensor using a supercontinuum light source for a broad spectral range”

Tuesday April 4th
12:30PM, KL 205
Dissertation Defense: Chuan Ni
Title : "
Spectral filter array for multispectral imaging"

Monday April 3rd
2:30PM, Fitz Hall 580
Dissertation Defense: Ryan Feaver
Title : "
Cascaded orientation-patterned gallium arsenide optical parametric oscillator for improved longwave infrared conversion efficiency"

SPORTS - Students presenting optics research training seminar

OSA and SPIE student chapter of Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics started "SPORTS" to share research ideas among students and to improve presentation skills. For more information contact Joshua Burrow (

Bringing Holography to Light

While 3D technologies that make headlines are not truly holographic, holographic techniques are furthering advances in important applications such as biomedical imaging.  Click here to read the full article by Marina Krakovsky.


Electro-Optics and Photonics, Dr. Partha Banerjee, Department Chair

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