Discover Engineering Technology

Unsure of your path in Engineering Technology? You're in good company.

 As a member of the Discover Engineering Technology program at the University of Dayton, you will be able to explore the academic programs in the School of Engineering before finalizing your major.

You'll be enrolled in a specially designed seminar course that offers an introduction to the division, its faculty, curriculum, opportunities for graduates and the various policies and procedures necessary for the successful student to follow. This seminar provides information on cooperative education and internship opportunities, as well as extracurricular options. The classes are small and the attention is as individual as needed. With the help of this seminar, along with the assistance of your knowledgeable adviser, you will discover the area of engineering technology that's right for you.

The Mission of the School of Engineering is to educate complete professionals who have an integrated knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering together with an equally strong understanding of the arts and sciences that will prepare them for fulfilling careers of leadership, service and life-long learning for the good of society.

Are You a High School Student?
Are You Interested in Visiting the School of Engineering?

We’d love to meet with you. To schedule an academic appointment, email our Engineering Ambassadors at or call at 937-229-5082, and they can schedule you an appointment with our engineering academic programs and/or with our Diversity in Engineering Center (Minority Engineering Program and Women Engineering Program). Or, click here to complete and submit an online visit request form, and our Ambassadors will contact you. The University of Dayton Office of Admission schedules general University campus visits or tours. Please, click here to go to our Office of Admission website for available options.

Scholarship Opportunity
FIRST® Scholarship

FIRST Scholarship inspires young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs to build science, engineering, technology and life skills. The University of Dayton School of Engineering supports their endeavor with a $2500 renewable scholarship for students who major in electrical, computer, civil, discover (undecided) engineering or engineering technology.  For more information, click here and contact Shawnee Breitenstein.


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